Ashley Olsen Boyfriend

Ashley Olsen Boyfriend on Newsfeed – Ashley Olsen, who first popped into our lives as the baby in Full House is not only an annoying gagillionaire, but she also might be dating the amazing, adorable and talented Justin Timberlake. Damn it! I can just imagine their conversation. Ashley would be all, like, “Oh my god, it’s so hard to be a child actress, right?” and he’d be like, ‘Ar, yeah, right, am I gonna get to have sex with both of you guys?”
The two have denied the rumors, but have been seen together at several swanky New York Parties. Cool that’s cool I’m not jealous or anything because I drive a Kia Spectra and I live in a Russian building in Hollywood and I pay month to month. Bam, Ashley Olson, what you got now?!”