Do You Think This Woman Deserved $20,000 After Police Tased Her During Arrest?

A Florida woman who sued the city of Stuart after getting pushed to the ground and tased during a routine arrest has been given $20,000 to settle her lawsuit. According to the police department, however, the officers did nothing wrong and the payout was simply meant to save taxpayer funds.

Bodycam footage shows the moment when Aranda Wendell was confronted by a police officer for unlawfully leaving the scene of an accident when she was rear-ended on her way to work. When she admits to doing so, the cop begins to make the arrest – but Wendell isn’t having hit.

“No, stop it!” she screams, but the cop does no such thing. Instead, the lawsuit claimed, he “violently slammed her into a corner and forced her down to the floor, tasing her.” Wendell can be heard screaming bloody murder throughout the arrest.

While a Stuart Police Department internal investigation cleared the involved officers of any wrongdoing, they still decided to settle the excessive force lawsuit instead of letting it play out in the court.

The police officer involved in the incident is on active duty and will not face any punishments. “Police officers have to do their job, and sometimes when they do their job properly, it’s not pretty,” said Cpl. Brian Bossio.