Angry Runaway Cow Attacks Texas Police Officer After Being Cornered

A police officer who was trying to wrangle a runaway cow almost found himself getting turned into roadkill himself when the beastly bovine tried to run him down as part of a last-ditch grasp for freedom.

The bizarre incident took place in Temple, Texas where Officer Gabriel Estrella momentarily thought he was hallucinating when he spotted a rogue cow in a suburban area. Since it was a slow day, Estrella began chasing the cow so that he could return it to its owner before it got up to any mischief.

After an extended pursuit, Estrella finally managed to corral the animal into a fenced in area. As he moved in to close the only gate standing between the cow and the open range, the enraged animal suddenly decided to charge him, sending Estrella frantically scrambling for safety.

The cow is currently still at large, with the local police department even going so far as to dispatch a team of horseback riding wranglers to capture it.