Amanda Seyfried Kiss

In an interview with W Magazine, actress Amanda Seyfried came out with shocking news that actress Megan Fox was a good kisser. She knows this because of the 2009 movie Jennifer's Body where the two share a passionate kiss, which coincidently is the only part of the movie worth watching... over and over and over. She went on to state further that it was a shame that not a lot of people saw them make out in the box office flop. Hey Amanda, if they wanted people to see it, they should have named it something more attention grabbing like “Amanda and Megan make out in this one guys… like for real.” Amanda is in a new movie called “In Time” which is a Sci Fi thriller set for release October 28th. Maybe she’ll make out with another hot chick… I am really hoping that it’s Justin Timberlake. That chick is fine.