Amanda Knox

Hey! Remember that 24 year old from Seattle named Amanda Knox who was convicted of killing her roommate in some perverted way along with her now ex boyfriend while they lived together in Perusia, Italy back in 2007? Man you don’t do the dishes one time and next thing you know you are dead. Nope? Don’t remember? Yep, me neither, but it turns out that after being in jail for about 2 years, Knox is happy and hopeful because the original evidence that the prosecutors used might be unreliable. It turns out that instead of it being brought to a lab, the team kept the evidence in the refrigerator of the house and that it might be contaminated. I’m sorry what? Don’t they have Showtime in Italy? Because everyone that watches Dexter knows that you keep DNA in between two tiny piece of glass inside a cigar box, which you then hide in the AC vent…amateurs. I personally hope she gets out because she is hot, I need a new roommate and I always do my dishes.