Alt-Right Founder Sucker-Punched In The Face During TV Interview

Richard Spencer, alt-right founder and president of the controversial National Policy Institute, was punched in the face by a masked protester as he attempted to give an interview recently.

The controversial figure was speaking to a television reporter, who had just asked him whether Spencer was a neo-Nazi and to explain the meaning of his Pepe the Frog pin.

As he glances down to elaborate on the cartoon frog emblem, a masked man suddenly appears from out of frame and delivers a sucker-punch to Spencer’s face before running off. Spencer later took to Twitter to confirm that “no serious damage” had been done.

While Washington D.C. police have not yet opened a police investigation, Spencer claimed that he called 911 as soon as soon as he was sucker-punched and will eventually file a police report.

Spencer became infamous after Atlantic magazine published footage of a Washington alt-right gathering, during which Spencer shouted: “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!” Some audiences members apparently responded with Nazi salutes.