Watch This Criminal's Badass Escape From An Interview Room

A Nevada man arrested on charges of homicide managed to flee a police office by escaping from his handcuffs and climbing through the ceiling of the interview room where he had been held. The daring stunt won Alonso Perez a weekend of freedom – and a slew of additional charges.

In the above clip, the 25-year-old can be seen breaking out of his cuffs.

“He torques it to the point, using some of his body weight, that it snaps the hinges,” Police Chief Alexander Perez said. He then sits back down and calmly rests his hand on the restraint as an officer checks in on him.

For roughly forty minutes, Perez seems to contemplate his next move. He glances up, notices the flimsy ceiling tile, and soon hoists himself up the wall to clear himself an escape route. Perez disappears within moments, gaining a 25-minute head start before the cops even realize he went missing.

Still wearing ankle shackles, Perez navigated his way to the parking lot and stole a work truck that had been left idling. The escapee used the truck to find his way to an east Las Vegas apartment building, where police arrested him on Tuesday. 

Perez is suspected of fatally shooting Mohammed Robinson on August 27 after an argument at a Las Vegas Mcdonald’s restaurant. Already facing charges for use of a firearm, assault and domestic battery as part of a separate case, Perez will now be tried for murder, use of a firearm, escape and auto theft.