Allen Iverson Bobblehead Drawing

Love him or hate him, Allen Iverson plays the game of basketball with a lot of heart. I remember him when he first came in to the NBA from Georgetown University and I followed his career through Philadelphia (76ers), Denver (Nuggets) and now the Detroit Pistons. Hes known for his killer cross over dribble and his tenacious drives to the basket, despite his small frame. He has not won a championship as of yet but reached the finals when he was with the Sixers- Practically carrying that team on his back. There are plenty of highlight / mix tapes out there so my tribute comes in the form of a drawing. I documented the different steps that I took: 1.) Pencil Drawing 2.) Markers 3.) Color Pencils and you can download a print version that shows you step by step how to draw AI at my website The first part is stop motion with a scanner and the second part is a time lapse. Hopefully its a slam dunk. Please rate and comment! Merrill Kazanjian