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Posted by randylavigned on Aug. 25, 2009 Summer is in full bloom and people are flocking to the beaches with their colorful beach umbrellas. Most people used to think of umbrellas as one of the needed accessories for a rainy day. But almost every one now realizes that umbrellas are needed pretty much any time, especially in the sun. A beach umbrella is something that is needed by those people who intend to spend a long hot day on the beach. Shade can be hard to find amidst vast stretches of sand. And if you plan on spending a day, or several, on the beach working on your tan, you need a place to get a break from the direct UV rays to save your skin. Most people are well educated about the harmful effects of long and frequent exposure to Sun and its UV rays. Fear of sun burns and skin cancer is always palpable. That is why a beach umbrellas along with a strong sun screen are must accessories on the beach. It is not only a bad idea; it is plain silly to leave home without your protection. You can

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