'Alien' Skulls Found At Sonora, Mexico, Ancient Burial Site ...

Posted by Paulie-Gee-800 on Jun. 20, 2013

An ancient burial site in Mexico, discovered in 1999 but only recently investigated, has revealed skeletal remains with odd, alien-shaped skulls. They were unearthed in the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora at a site known as El Cementerio when workers stumbled upon the remains accidentally while digging to install an irrigation system. According to Time, the bones date to between A.D. 940 and 1308, making them around 1,000 years old. The skulls appear to have been intentionally deformed until they resembled something akin to the Coneheads, the fictional alien family made famous on Saturday Night Live in the late 1970s. This was an Hispanic cemetery with 25 skulls, and 13 of them have deformed heads, Cristina Garcia Moreno, a researcher from Arizona State University who worked on the project, told ABC News. We don't know why this population specifically deformed their heads. Although skull deformation was a documented ritual among many indigenous groups in southern Central and South America, LiveScience reports this is the first discovery of the practice so far north. The most important implication would be to extend the northern boundary of the Mesoamerican influence, Moreno explained to LiveScience. In an earlier interview with HuffPost Weird, Ryan Matthew, a host on the Science Channel, explained that the process of cranial deformation usually began in childhood.

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