Ali Lohan 2.0

Can't we just send them all away?? Rumors are surfacing that the youngest Lohan train wreck, Ali, has undergone extensive plastic surgery in the recent months. Even though she's not quite 18 years old, it's an understandable assumption, considering she used to look like a pretty girl (look up at the picture), and now she looks like a young Steven Tyler (split screen of her now and a young Steven Tyler of Aerosmith). "Lady looks like a Dude!!" When role model big Sis Lindsay Lohan was asked about the patchwork, she said that Ali quote "has never, ever gone underneath the knife, but then again, I've been in rehab for the past 9 months, so maybe she did, but hey, it's better than drugs!". Mother of the Century Dina Lohan was reached for comment, but she's still busy arguing with the voices in her head and planning the assassination of her ex-husband Michael Lohan. I tried to find out what Ali Lohan does for a living, but I gave up after 7 seconds, so feel free to tweet me @JLoComedy any fun Lohan facts that you find.