Afro Ninja

Posted by Staff on Nov. 20, 2009

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Sick and tired of never find the ninjavideo you're looking for? Me too. That's why I've provided the only ninja movie you will ever need. He's got an afro, nunchucks, and a willingness to kill. Afro ninja is the ultimate fighting machine. Were it not for his unfortunate habit of knocking himself out he would be unmatched. He knows karate and his kung-fu is so strong he can't even defend himself against...himself. The world's most dangerous ninja featured in the world's best ninjavideo.This ninjavideo did not go as planned. After suffering what can only be described as an epic fail while trying to do a back flip. This afro ninja stumbles around defending himself from an invisible army of samurai. Although the video is hilarious from our perspective, the martial arts master is engaged in a terrifying battle of life or death. A battle he loses as he falls off screen and into a table. Although he lost the battle this ninja won the war by becoming an internet legend thanks to this hilarious video.

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