Affliction Banned Fedor Emelianenko vs Tim Sylvia Quick Hitter S

From Tony T here with our “Rockstar” quick hitter for Saturday’s action. It’s Afflication on Pay-Per-View and a fight in the heavyweight division as Fedor Emelianenko faces Tim “The Maniac” Sylvia from the Honda Center in Anaheim California. Fedor is the –400 favorite with Sylvia coming back at 300.They keep putting fighters in front of the Russian superstar Fedor and all this guy does is win. He hasn’t lost a fight in 8 years. Sylvia has an 8-inch height advantage but South Korean Hong-Man Choi had over a foot in height over the Russian and Choi fell victim to Fedor’s armbar submission. Fedor is the much better athlete and Sylvia needs to use his reach advantage to stay away from the clinch. The many fight styles works in the clear advantage of Fedor in this one. Sylvia can only win standing and brawling while Fedor will find openings and will get the talented stiker on the mat. And then “The Maniac” will fall victim to the armbar submission. Take Fedor in this one.For sports