Adriana Lima GQ Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

Posted by rainman999 on Mar. 19, 2008

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GQ deserves a Nobel Prize for giving us these images of Adriana Lima. Thanksgiving should be renamed Adriana Lima appreciation day in Brazil. If they have Thanksgiving. And if they don't then they should pick a date, hold a party, and display images of her stunning face all across the country. The gorgeous Brazilian beauty has never looked hotter than she does in this video. With her seductive curves, and radiant eyes its no wonder that we can't take our eyes off of her.Is it possible that Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen are the two hottest Brazilian models ever? Maybe both women are like model Highlanders who have been defeating other hot women for centuries to become the hottest immortal? It's probably not true, but it would be pretty awesome to see Adriana and Gisele battle for absolute supremacy. Two models enter, one model leave kind of situation. Queue up a few more Adriana Lima pictures and video, then just imagine that epic battle playing out in your head.

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