Accident with twin Avion King Air B350

The aircraft took off at Congonhas (SP) 22-05-09 to 18.30 and fell around 21h, when trying to land on runway particular hotel Terravista Club Med, which is 1500 meters and is dedicated exclusively to the care of executive aircraft. Witnesses said the plane, the prefix PR-MOZ, flew down and had exploded before it bump against a tree and lands near the head of the runway landing. The area of forest is closed and inaccessible. Before landing, the crew of the aircraft made contact with air traffic control of Porto Seguro and the radio at the airport, informing visually be able to land at the aerodrome. According to the advice of the venture, until the collision, the flight controllers at the airport had not noticed any problem while tracking the landing. However, strong rain in the region at the time of accident, but it is not known if the weather influence in the fall.O acidenteA aeronave decolou em Congonhas (SP)22-05-09 ?s 18h30 e caiu por volta das 21h, ao tentar pousar na pista particular do hote