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Posted by Newsfeed on May. 03, 2011

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This is a transcript of "Abbottabad Travel" on Newsfeed...So you’ve waited til the last minute to plan your summer vacation and you need a paradize city! Look no further Abbottabad, Pakistan! Known as the gateway to the Himalayans, you don’t want be the last person at your country club to make your way to this mountainous gem. With breathtaking views of possible Al Qaeda attacks and lovely compounds retro-fitted with bomb shelters and anti-aircraft guns, Abbottabad is Pakistan’s hottest tourist destination. But don’t wait, time shares at Osama Bin Laden’s plush hideaway are going fast!Summer's coming up sooner than you think, and everyone's looking outside at the beautiful sunshine, waiting to get away. Where's the hot spot this year? Abbottabad baby!

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