aasma sky is the limit

Posted by aasma1122 on Dec. 27, 2008

In the midst of romance, murder mysteries & reincarnations, AASMA is a film closest to reality. Its more about you and me. Its about friendship, courage & having faith in knowing that to achieve your dreams, sky is the limit! Aasma, a theatre group comprising of talented and aspiring actors, set out on a mission: a mission to touch the sky with their brilliance and sheer dedication. This is a story of people who have faith in spite of the agonies and tribulations that life presents to each of them. Through their insecurities, anxieties and dilemmas they find that friendship and dedication leads them to newer heights, beyond the darkness that temporarily blinds each of them. Aasma personifies the saying- where there is a will, there is a way.

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