A Sweet Caracal take the tour

Posted by Nurg-l-Vatan-921 on Aug. 05, 2013

Caracals are in classes of big cats, which are wild animals. But they are actually seen very sweet and nice. They like to wander everytime. A caracal wanders around its home. If they were pets, we want to feed them very much. -) About caracals- The caracal has been classified variously with Lynx and Felis in the past, but molecular evidence supports a monophyletic genus that is closely allied with the African golden cat and serval. The caracal is distinguished from Felis by the presence of a long tuft on the tip of the ear, exceeding half the length of the ear. There is no trace of pattern in the coat, except a few spots on the underside and inside of the fore legs.[4] It is a slender, long-legged cat of medium size with a relatively short tail. The fur on the back and sides is generally of a uniform tawny grey or reddish, frosted-sand colour. The caracal occupies a wide variety of habitats from semi-desert to relatively open savanna and scrubland to moist woodland and thicket or evergreen and montane forest as in the Western Cape of South Africa, but favours drier woodland and savanna regions with lower rainfall and some cover. Their other names are serval. Caracal cats, caracals, caracal cat, pet caracal, caracal facts, caracal breeders, caracal animal, african caracal, serval caracal, baby caracal, caracal jumping, caracal video, black caracal, caracal scientific name, caracal pics, caracal pictures, caracal habitat, caracal information, caracal adaptations, caracal endangered, caracal aurata, wild caracal, caracal in india, caracals habitat.

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