A#1 Air $19.99 Heating Inspection

Posted by anumber1air on Oct. 28, 2011

Heating inspection check only $19 for a limited time Super Inspection for your Furnace, Heat Pump, or Heating System Checking your heating system for the fall and winter season is important and A#1 Air is here to help! Have one of our highly qualified technicians inspect the operation of your system to ensure that your heating system is performing at peak efficiency, reliably, and most importantly safely! We check and inspect- Check for dangerous carbon monoxide problems Your heating and cooling system filters Check for correct air flow Check the ignition assembly Monitor refrigerant pressure if heat pump Test starting capabilities Test safety controls Check all electrical connections Measure voltage and amperage capabilities Check the evaporator coil Measure temperature difference Check heat exchanger Check burner assembly Check gas system pipe connections for leaks Monitor flue piping draft ... and more!

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