Tough As Nails 71-Year-Old Lady Fights Off Mugger With Her Cane

This young punk clearly underestimated his victim. He had no idea that a 71-year-old woman with a cane could kick his butt.

The suspect was taught a lesson at a Family Food Super Store in Detroit. In the surveillance video released by police, you can see the would-be robber cut in front of an elderly woman walking with a cane.

As she steps through the door, he reaches in to steal her bag.

Big mistake.

She pummels him with her cane until he can’t take it anymore and runs off. She also hangs on to her bag. The punk did get away, but with lots of bruises, no loot and a damaged reputation.

The owner of the store said the suspect, believed to live in the neighborhood, hasn’t been seen since. After being so handily defeated and humiliated by an elderly woman, chances are he won’t show his face again.

Still, police are looking for him, so if you recognize the fellow, please give the authorities a call.