Sickening Scene Where 65-Year-Old Gets Decked By Idiot Playing Knockout Game

A 65-year-old man was hospitalized after a complete stranger playing the knockout game delivered a brutal sucker punch. Footage of the bizarre incident shows the man, whose name has not been released, getting blindsided by a swift blow to the face.

In the clip, a group of three men and one woman can be seen walking down Joralemon Street in Brooklyn Heights, New York. As the victim strolls into view of the camera, one of the men suddenly picks up speed and jogs toward the victim before punching him.

The force of the blow sends the victim tumbling over a short fence and into some bushes, and the impact reportedly broke his glasses. Meanwhile, the bystanders continue walking, utterly unfazed by the random act of violence.

Police were called to the scene at around 11:15 pm and found the victim suffering from a cut near his left eye. According to a statement from the NYPD, the victim was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and released the same day.

Authorities have not been able to determine the identity of the aggressor and have released the video to the public for help in finding the culprit. He has been described as an adult black male who stands 5-foot-10 and weighs roughly 160 pounds, last seen wearing a white T-shirt and black sneakers. The NYPD is also seeking information on the bystanders, described as either black or Hispanic.