Worst Movie Scenes Ever Play Video

Worst Movie Scenes Ever  1,192,032

Crazy Chick At Rally Play Video

Crazy Chick At Rally  1,292,114

Fastest Secretary In The World Play Video

Fastest Secretary In The World  1,081,087

Halo 2 Double Kill Play Video

Halo 2 Double Kill  953,698

The Spoon Prank Returns! Play Video

The Spoon Prank Returns!  663,313

Treadmill Stunts Play Video

Treadmill Stunts  714,727

Awesome Skate Tricks Play Video

Awesome Skate Tricks  558,577

Anti Gravity Trick Play Video

Anti Gravity Trick  1,073,852

Drunk Chick Gets Tazed Play Video

Drunk Chick Gets Tazed  1,372,257

Most Inappropriate Commercial Ever Play Video

Most Inappropriate Commercial Ever  1,573,964