Awkward Moment with Grandma Play Video

Awkward Moment with Grandma  427,277

Annoying Devil Hates Keeping Fit Play Video

Annoying Devil Hates Keeping Fit  434,121

Polish Bully One Punched Play Video

Polish Bully One Punched  1,395,446

Airhorn Prank Causes Wipeout Play Video

Airhorn Prank Causes Wipeout  356,449

Worst Karaoke Session Ever Play Video

Worst Karaoke Session Ever  341,953

Korean Drummer Rocks Out Play Video

Korean Drummer Rocks Out  637,413

Awesome Lifelike Robotic Dog Play Video

Awesome Lifelike Robotic Dog  663,565

Death Metal Puppy Play Video

Death Metal Puppy  1,700,334

Cricket Streaker Gets Owned Play Video

Cricket Streaker Gets Owned  449,773

Exercise Ball Mayhem Play Video

Exercise Ball Mayhem  339,977