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Aug. 30, 2010 5,761 12

Watch the SUCK trailer. When a struggling band is bitten by by vampires the...

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Karma Sucks

Mar. 13, 2007 666,217 3

Some dude tries to pull the wooden spoon prank on his friend. He doesnt ha...

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Peta Sucks

Jan. 31, 2007 582,568 1,106,997

This guy has a few words for PETA, apparently he's not a fan. What do you t...

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Winter Sucks

Oct. 06, 2008 160,350 1

Break Late Night Feature! A couple of smokin hot chicks remind us how much...

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Karma Sucks

Nov. 02, 2006 144,997 70,765

I guess some kid has been stealing stuff all over campus. These guys are fe...