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[Wills] Video Play Video


Oct. 16, 2008 2,343 2

Stefanie Schaeffer shows how to make your own Will without the need for a l...

[Divorce] Video Play Video


Sep. 18, 2008 5,530 14

Over 43 percent of marriages end in divorce. Stefanie Schaeffer gives you ...

[DUI] Video Play Video


Oct. 02, 2008 4,345 2

You’ve had a few and been busted, but even so you still have rights. Stefan...

[Lawyer] Video Play Video


Sep. 11, 2008 3,588 5

What are your rights when dealing with your lawyer? When do you need one an...

[Free Trial] Video Play Video

Free Trial

Oct. 09, 2008 1,727 2

That “free trial” offer looks good, but before you sign up, let Stefanie Sc...

[Auto Repair] Video Play Video

Auto Repair

Oct. 23, 2008 1,568 2

What are your rights when it comes to Auto Repair work? Find out before its...

[Insurance] Video Play Video


Aug. 28, 2008 2,466 1

If an insurance company denies your claim what are your rights? Join Appren...