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Feb. 18, 2007 2,805 0

While walking back to the village I was stayin in Tanzania, Africa two lion...

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Dec. 07, 2009 1,975 31

This guy is so crazy, he plays with lions and lions love it!

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Lion vs Lion

Mar. 08, 2011 10,147 5

Great fight between a pack of lions in Africa. Two big males attack each ot...

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Lion Attack

Mar. 03, 2009 621,128 15

In this lion video, a hunter in Africa plays an intense game of chicken wit...

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The Lions Cage

Sep. 28, 2006 556,495 5,397,564

This dude is nuts. He jumps into a lions cage and then just tries to be co...

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Lion Video

Jul. 29, 2008 489,296 1

While on safari, these tourists observe some very strange behavior in a gro...