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[No Legs Man] Video Play Video

No Legs Man

Mar. 28, 2007 3,372 0

We buried my cousin Mike up to his knees in the sand, when he stood up it l...

[Leg Break] Video Play Video

Leg Break

Nov. 16, 2009 482 1

You can hear the leg break when dude twists him down!! It ended up to be T...

[Leg Trick] Video Play Video

Leg Trick

Mar. 07, 2012 70 0

Looks like im playing with someones butt but im really playing with my leg ...

[Dart in Leg] Video Play Video

Dart in Leg

Sep. 09, 2010 203 0

i get shot in the leg with a blowdart gun, it goes a little deeper than i i...