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[Kite Surfer] Video Play Video

Kite Surfer

Jun. 08, 2007 947 9

I think this is a Sprite commercial. I had a buddy send this to me, its pr...

[Kite Tube] Video Play Video

Kite Tube

Jul. 07, 2008 1,618 1

Me riding a kite tube and falling over twenty feet going 40 mph. They are n...

[Kite Tube] Video Play Video

Kite Tube

Mar. 21, 2008 1,617 0

This guy just gets dumped on the kite tube. Its a tube/kite that goes on wa...

[flying kite] Video Play Video

flying kite

Jan. 24, 2009 227 0

its a video of a kite flied in india...just look it around and m sure u wil...