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[Ready Jet Go] Video Play Video

Ready Jet Go

Nov. 24, 2008 22,650 9

A truck towing a pair of jet skis pulls some impressive maneuvers to get aw...

[Jet Crash] Video Play Video

Jet Crash

Aug. 04, 2006 19,449 336,108

Here we have a Remote Control F-117 Steath Fighter Jet worth around $30,000...

[Jet Pilot] Video Play Video

Jet Pilot

Apr. 08, 2011 411 2

This extreme pilot video shows the skill military aviators posses to fly th...

[Jet Lag] Video Play Video

Jet Lag

May. 21, 2010 121 0

Original music on piano by David Vigil (Morningstar), artist / musician of ...