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You’ve had a few and been busted, but even so you still have rights. Stefan...

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Feb. 10, 2007 8,468 1,759,899

Guy subjected to a rigorous sobriety test.

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Felony Fights

Mar. 05, 2007 114,020 412,914

Felony Fights- a bunch of crazy guys fight and beat the flesh off each othe...

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Felony Fight

Feb. 25, 2011 42,288 54

Two cons throw down in this felony fight video. PArol is definitely violat...

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DUI Montage

Sep. 24, 2008 308,529 26

A collection of the most mumbling, stumbling, falling down drunks ever caug...

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DUI Beach

Sep. 24, 2008 276,375 3

Delaware police know a simple equation: when the sun goes down, the blood a...