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Escape Cat

Aug. 26, 2010 213 2

My Siamese cat kept escaping from the basement. I couldnt figure out how un...

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Caught on Deck

Jan. 26, 2005 118,078 186,911

A sailor is walking around the deck of a ship when two missiles go off. He...

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The Escape

Mar. 09, 2014 49 0

Somewhere in the distant future, a teleportation device to another dimensio...

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Aug. 20, 2009 38 0

Escape is a story about a boy who sneaks out of school...

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Jun. 18, 2008 350 0

This is one of my first attempts at stop animation. This took me about a h...

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Feb. 13, 2007 334 0

it is the history of a man lost on an island, which realizes that it is alo...