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Feb. 17, 2007 847 0

8 L Gasoline and a SIDEWINDER AIM8 in the middle !

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May. 08, 2007 1,713 0

no point of getting bad comments from little shit head,keep them clean

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Mar. 05, 2007 1,755 0

for fourth of july me and my friends made this bomb, haha the funny part is...

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Sep. 14, 2006 4,543 0

Me and my friends havin fun in the woods. Its amazing what you can do with...

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Aug. 17, 2006 12,064 429,194

Chlorine & Pine-sol make for some nice explosions

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Sep. 09, 2007 2,862 0

this is a little home mad explosive we decided to put in this moddel boat i...

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Nov. 29, 2007 820 0

blowing stuff up in the backyard, parents are proud