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[barking cat] Video Play Video

barking cat

Sep. 14, 2007 4,732 0

cat imitate dog barking !!! is he scared ??but he seem to imitate dog in ba...

[Barking Cat] Video Play Video

Barking Cat

Jul. 15, 2007 6,032 115,442

This cat can do a pretty good impression of a dog, maybe should look into i...

[Bark Collar] Video Play Video

Bark Collar

Jan. 03, 2008 4,429 27

Ever wonder what it's like to be on the end of an electric barking dog coll...

[Jose Bark] Video Play Video

Jose Bark

Oct. 24, 2007 245 1

My Friend can bark like crazy!!! Its loud as hell in person! He messed up w...

[Bark collar] Video Play Video

Bark collar

Jul. 26, 2007 3,453 80,002

My nephew decided to try out the cirtonella bark collar. He wanted to make ...