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May. 27, 2008 1,429 0

Money talks Easter bunny finds a friend of a friend to antiquing his friend...

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Jul. 19, 2007 2,835 10

2 girls passed out after a long night of shrooms, to wake up to an antiquin...

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Feb. 01, 2008 626 0

Friend gets antiqued and can't find the sink to wash his face. Then there ...

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Jul. 23, 2007 1,595 0

While playing Halo 2 Ryan falls asleep so we decided to wake him up with an...

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Jun. 20, 2007 944 0

This guy fell asleep first at my bachelor party. He got a rude awakening.

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Mar. 13, 2007 2,398 15

Jamie gets woken up to some flour in his face! Man it looks like it hurts!