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[Another Dorm Boxer Knocked Off His Feet] Video Play Video

Another Dorm Boxer Knocked Off His Feet

Just because the octagon is formed with tape doesn't mean you won't see a good knockout. This kid gets practically knocked out of his shoes and he's down for the count.

5 years ago 614,384
[Penguin Has Happy Feet] Video Play Video

Penguin Has Happy Feet

One penguin. One FourLoko. One New Year's Eve he'll never forget.

3 years ago 169,360
[Why Do Cats Always Land On Their Feet?] Video Play Video

Why Do Cats Always Land On Their Feet?

This is why science exists! For centuries, we've been wondering why cats always land on their feet. And now, we know! Life is good! ...

2 years ago 76,766
[Lightning Strike Hits Feet Away] Video Play Video

Lightning Strike Hits Feet Away

What a boring rainstorm to be filming then suddenly lightning strikes three feet away.

1 year ago 3,897
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[Wrinkle Rewind] Video Play Video

Wrinkle Rewind

Worried about those increasing wrinkles ...