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[Angry Birds Failed Peace Treaty] Video Play Video

Angry Birds Failed Peace Treaty

The Angry Birds attempt to work out a peace treaty with the Green Pigs but fail. Looks like another 10 hours of getting sucked into this friggin' game for me.

3 years ago 144,168
[Bikini Model Beach Workout Fail] Video Play Video

Bikini Model Beach Workout Fail

Her form is absolutely perfect. We're going to need to see some more reps, though.

1 year ago 459,766
[The Great Russian Fire Extinguisher Fail] Video Play Video

The Great Russian Fire Extinguisher Fail

This is a tragic saga of a man who sets fire to his motorcycle to demonstrate the effectiveness of a fire extinguisher only to discover that the extinguisher doesn't work. His friend's laughter provides the comic relief.

2 years ago 54,037
[My Blackberry Is Not Working] Video Play Video

My Blackberry Is Not Working

One old guy tries to return his blackberry, which isn't working. The other old guy gives him the best tech support he can. Admit it, these old guys know as much about technology as you do.

3 years ago 353,413
[Fat Kid Cardio Work Out] Video Play Video

Fat Kid Cardio Work Out

If you're like me you drink and eat way too much all weekend then hit the gym Monday night. Tonight I have a new routine to try out thanks to this fat little kid.

6 years ago 871,769
[Wedding Photographer Fail] Video Play Video

Wedding Photographer Fail

Funny how the bride and groom just walk on by until they realize the wedding pictures are in the water too.

2 years ago 2,581,517

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[Bike jump fail] Video Play Video

Bike jump fail

I have no idea why he let go, he said Be...