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[Quick Shift To Reverse Prevents Horrible Crash] Video Play Video

Quick Shift To Reverse Prevents Horrible Crash

We're not sure what happened to the truck once it got off frame. All we know is that this person driving isn't dead and that's a good thing.

2 years ago 64,213
[Don't Drink And Fly] Video Play Video

Don't Drink And Fly

You'll be hoping this thing topples over on them the entire time and in the end your wishes come true.

1 year ago 39,368
[Huge Inflatable Slide Blows Away] Video Play Video

Huge Inflatable Slide Blows Away

Maybe it was weighed down incorrectly or maybe nature is just that crazy. All we know is that being on the slide while it's rolling down the beach is probably more fun than being on the slide normally.

3 years ago 67,485

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