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[Freaky Trailer For Korean Horror "The Cat"] Video Play Video

Freaky Trailer For Korean Horror "The Cat"

So-yeun is an animal groomer who works in a pet shop. One day she gets stuck with a Persian cat named Silky when its owner suddenly dies. From then on, So-yeun is constantly haunted by a bobbed hair girl with green cat-like eyes who turns her life in...

3 years ago 7,758


Labor Day weekend is approaching, so men, it's time to break up with your girlfriends because you have Fantasy Football Drafts to focus on!! Not only can the lockout and short preseason affect the fantasy drafts this year, but some injuries are poppi...

3 years ago 3,036
[Construction Worker Gets Dropped] Video Play Video

Construction Worker Gets Dropped

An apprentice sneaks up behind his foreman and pulls a prank that likely got him killed later in the day.

6 years ago 361,889
[Kid Accidentally Shoots Dad's AK-47 Indoors] Video Play Video

Kid Accidentally Shoots Dad's AK-47 Indoors

Don't panic, kid. Your dad is the kind of guy who owns an AK-47. That means he'll probably be very understanding about the destruction, and you'll be able to sit down and discuss this like adults.

4 years ago 535,163
[Reporter Takes One For The Team] Video Play Video

Reporter Takes One For The Team

If I'm the coach, I'm having real doubts about playing Lee Valsvik in the second half.

2 years ago 687,247
[Dog Tries To Drag His Pool Indoors] Video Play Video

Dog Tries To Drag His Pool Indoors

It's way too hot for this dog to handle an outdoor pool, so he tries to bring it indoors. Clearly a little bit of brains go a long way... and get stuck at the patio door.

3 years ago 687,360
[Most Awesome: Snow Jobs] Video Play Video

Most Awesome: Snow Jobs

Forget sleigh rides and jingle bells; 'tis really the season for snowball launchers and girls rubbing against snowmen.

6 years ago 1,144,727
[Bowl Of Water Prank] Video Play Video

Bowl Of Water Prank

One of the oldest pranks in the book and yet it still manages to find a new victim.

5 years ago 689,985

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