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[Completely Unexpected Swing Accident] Video Play Video

Completely Unexpected Swing Accident

This is one of the most unexpected accidents I have ever seen from a video like this. I am afraid that the normal laws that govern reality simply don't exist in Russia, a land where anything goes.

4 years ago 165,287
[Prime Minister Takes Funny Spill] Video Play Video

Prime Minister Takes Funny Spill

New Zealand's Helen Clark slips in a restaurant and, needless to say, watching politicians fall is always hilarious.

7 years ago 215,718
[Russian Road Rage Went Up A Few Notches] Video Play Video

Russian Road Rage Went Up A Few Notches

The driver in the blue car was a little upset so he stopped, got out, and tried to get inside another driver's car. But little did this guy know, that driver had a weapon as well...

3 years ago 147,750
[Guy Accidentally Proposes During Live Newscast] Video Play Video

Guy Accidentally Proposes During Live Newscast

A Kansas City reporter was doing a live remote at an airport when a guy proposed to his girlfriend in the background of the shot. "Next up in Sports, this guy realizes what he's done and runs like the wind."

4 years ago 159,227
[Korean Girl Turns Scare Prank Around On Pranksters] Video Play Video

Korean Girl Turns Scare Prank Around On Pranksters

When a couple of guys try to prank this girl with a scare video, she goes all out in reacting to the scare, taking it so far that the guys themselves end up getting scares. Awesome.

3 years ago 150,708

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