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[Head's Up, It's Yoga Ball] Video Play Video

Head's Up, It's Yoga Ball

This is the exact opposite of everything yoga is about. Nice.

6 months ago 52,834
[The Art Of Trolling] Video Play Video

The Art Of Trolling

We are constantly asked 'what is trolling?'. For some reason it's not always the easiest thing to explain but this video is a definitely a good example.

5 years ago 235,326
[Two Year Old Tricked By Dad] Video Play Video

Two Year Old Tricked By Dad

Cute little kid gets tricked with a little reverse psychology from Dad.

5 years ago 236,131
[Polar Bear Ninja] Video Play Video

Polar Bear Ninja

A polar bear weighing in at well over one-thousand pounds silently sneaks up on an unsuspecting seal.

5 years ago 209,454
[Gymnast Overshoots Landing Mat] Video Play Video

Gymnast Overshoots Landing Mat

A gymnast gets launched out of a swing but overshoots her landing mat by nearly 10 feet slamming the back of her head on the ground.

8 years ago 340,468
[Runaway Truck Tire Smashes Taxi] Video Play Video

Runaway Truck Tire Smashes Taxi

What an impressive amount of damage from one loose runaway tire. I was waiting to see a minor dent, wasn't expecting the entire rear of the car to get destroyed.

5 years ago 232,132

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