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[Russian Teacher Rage] Video Play Video

Russian Teacher Rage

Why are you eating a bucket of chicken in class?

3 years ago 155,075
[Epic Dime Bag Prank On Cops] Video Play Video

Epic Dime Bag Prank On Cops

If you find a dime bag on the street are you supposed to give it to the police or throw it out?

3 years ago 146,905
[Guy Accidentally Proposes During Live Newscast] Video Play Video

Guy Accidentally Proposes During Live Newscast

A Kansas City reporter was doing a live remote at an airport when a guy proposed to his girlfriend in the background of the shot. "Next up in Sports, this guy realizes what he's done and runs like the wind."

5 years ago 159,440
[Hide and Seek] Video Play Video

Hide and Seek

This guy had five minutes to detect a single soldier approaching him in a field. This is the end of the clip when time runs out and he gives up.

6 years ago 163,968
[Cliff Dive Becomes Belly Flop] Video Play Video

Cliff Dive Becomes Belly Flop

Before anyone helps this kid out of the water, the EPA is going to need to do a full study of the environmental impact his massive belly flop had on the lake.

5 years ago 159,560
[Rubber Bands Vs Watermelon] Video Play Video

Rubber Bands Vs Watermelon

This is what happens in Japan when Blizzard's servers go down.

4 years ago 157,887
[Brutal ATV Crash] Video Play Video

Brutal ATV Crash

Dude unbuckles and checks the camera. Nice.

3 years ago 152,682

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