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[Chick Loses A Fortune Over Dumbest Question Ever] Video Play Video

Chick Loses A Fortune Over Dumbest Question Ever

The most confusing thing here isn't that she lost 1 million pounds on the dumbest question, but that she thinks "Friends With Benefits" is award-worthy

5 years ago 258,461
[Heroic Crowd Lifts Burning Wreckage Off Biker] Video Play Video

Heroic Crowd Lifts Burning Wreckage Off Biker

This is an amazing video of ordinary people combining to do something extraordinary, rescuing an injured biker from beneath a burning car. As of the latest report, the motorcyclist was in stable condition thanks, in part, to these heroics.

5 years ago 197,781
[Awesome Parallel Parking Job] Video Play Video

Awesome Parallel Parking Job

What a boy scout, huh? This dude manages to parallel park his car and repark the car in front of him in one fell swoop. His Too-Much-Of-A-Jerk-To-Find-Another-Spot merit badge is forthcoming.

6 years ago 263,100

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