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[Man Takes Revenge on Dog Owner] Video Play Video

Man Takes Revenge on Dog Owner

It takes just a moment to reach down and pick up your dog's poop. That's far less than the amount of time it would take you to chase this dude down for smearing your dog's poop on your back. Think about it.

4 years ago 226,759
[A Harrowing Bear Attack] Video Play Video

A Harrowing Bear Attack

Man, that guy really kept running. There have only been about 7 fatal bear attacks in North America since 2010, but i guess no one really wants to risk becoming number 8.

6 months ago 15,519
[Kid Loses Fight Against Pillow] Video Play Video

Kid Loses Fight Against Pillow

This kid is in a bad mood and takes out his aggression on a pillow and still manages to lose the fight.

5 years ago 132,980
[You May Want To Reconsider Keeping E-Cigs In Your Pocket] Video Play Video

You May Want To Reconsider Keeping E-Cigs In Your Pocket

Though you may not have seen it happen until this video of some poor guy in Kentucky, exploding e-cigarettes is not a new phenomenon. There have been a large number of instances of the same thing happening, burning tables and floors and causing a he...

7 months ago 22,402

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