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[Scary Hangman Prank!] Video Play Video

Scary Hangman Prank!

What would you do if you discovered a hangman?

11 months ago 75,840
[FACT: Celebrity Culture Has Officially Destroyed America] Video Play Video

FACT: Celebrity Culture Has Officially Destroyed America

A guy from New York City decided to prank the public by pretending to be a celebrity. SPOILER ALERT! Tons of dumb celeb-hungry idiots fell for it. Prepare to be depressed by the pop culture stupidity devouring our world.

2 years ago 104,060
[Dog Ruins Baby's First Steps] Video Play Video

Dog Ruins Baby's First Steps

When this dog isn't the center of attention, it lets you know how it really feels.

1 year ago 101,341
[Mr. Pumpkin Scare Prank] Video Play Video

Mr. Pumpkin Scare Prank

Luckily no one tried to turn him into a Jack 'O Lantern.

11 months ago 71,019

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