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[Mythbusters Screwed Up...] Video Play Video

Mythbusters Screwed Up...

The Mythbusters crew accidentally shot a cannon ball through a house... then into hit another house... then hit a car. Talk about busted.

4 years ago 242,890
[Awesome Parallel Parking Job] Video Play Video

Awesome Parallel Parking Job

What a boy scout, huh? This dude manages to parallel park his car and repark the car in front of him in one fell swoop. His Too-Much-Of-A-Jerk-To-Find-Another-Spot merit badge is forthcoming.

5 years ago 262,821
[LARP Sparta Kick] Video Play Video

LARP Sparta Kick

Owning someone with a Sparta Kick during LARP is how you win immunity from all LARP-related insults and jokes. Getting owned by one doubles them.

4 years ago 251,692
[Yay Parkour! Ouch!] Video Play Video

Yay Parkour! Ouch!

Sometimes seeing someone else hurt themselves is just hilarious.

6 months ago 24,323

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