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[Cute girls handstand fail.] Video Play Video

Cute girls handstand fail.

Apparently she wanted to show off her outfit before work... and for that we're thankful

2 years ago 23,110
[Epic Snowmobile Fail Into Lake] Video Play Video

Epic Snowmobile Fail Into Lake

Hey McFly, you bozo! Those snowmobiles don't work on water! Unless you've got power!

7 years ago 217,251
[Microsoft Test Fails] Video Play Video

Microsoft Test Fails

Dont you love it when a company like Microsoft spends millions of dollars on a product that doesn't work? Watch as Microsoft introduces it's new voice recognition software.

10 years ago 407,793
[Woman Learns That Carts Don't Work On Escalators] Video Play Video

Woman Learns That Carts Don't Work On Escalators

In the end, she was able to get up the stairs with her motorized scooter. However, it wasn't without a lot of pain and flipping around. Darwin wins again! ...

4 years ago 109,289
[Blade Sharpener Infomercial Fail] Video Play Video

Blade Sharpener Infomercial Fail

A Russian infomercial host pulls the ol' switcheroo. Billy Mays is rolling over in his grave, right now, and selling a blade sharpener that actually works!

6 years ago 256,880
[Trampoline Ramp Fail] Video Play Video

Trampoline Ramp Fail

This little dude has trouble getting on top of his trampoline so he leans a slide against it to run up. Still not working out so well for him.

5 years ago 62,497
[Woman Fails At Vacuuming] Video Play Video

Woman Fails At Vacuuming

We're not entirely sure how a vacuum works internally. We know there's a motor of some sort. However, we are 100% positive the hose has to be connected for anything to happen. 100%.

4 years ago 53,893

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This fail video is a little long, but it...

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Bar Fail

Tried to do a little trick...didn't work...

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Failed Flip

I tried to do a standing back