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jason-shifflet2 via 360fly: Working

8 months ago 84
[The Better Way To Work] Video Play Video

The Better Way To Work

Theres a better way to get the attention of your co-workers. And it does not involve a monkey.

5 years ago 5,038
[Cute Chick Fails At Pullups] Video Play Video

Cute Chick Fails At Pullups

Why is this chick even trying to do pullups? Whatever she was doing up until now looks like it was working fine.

5 years ago 258,947
[Double Crane Fail] Video Play Video

Double Crane Fail

And you thought your day at work was bad.

2 years ago 111,090
[Woman Learns That Carts Don't Work On Escalators] Video Play Video

Woman Learns That Carts Don't Work On Escalators

In the end, she was able to get up the stairs with her motorized scooter. However, it wasn't without a lot of pain and flipping around. Darwin wins again! ...

4 years ago 109,111

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[At work] Video Play Video

At work

welding a steel post .... king wire part...

[THAT WORKS !!!] Video Play Video


You wanne try to quit smoking ? Try this...

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Biker FAIL

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