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[Fail List 2009 - Top 10 Break Fails] Video Play Video

Fail List 2009 - Top 10 Break Fails

As thanks for all your hard work in not succeeding, Break put together our top 10 fails of 2009. Enjoy!

4 years ago 264,393
[Struggle Between Work And Love] Video Play Video

Struggle Between Work And Love

Beautiful silent animated story of a man struggling between his career and the love of his life.

1 year ago 39,197
[Epic Snowmobile Fail Into Lake] Video Play Video

Epic Snowmobile Fail Into Lake

Hey McFly, you bozo! Those snowmobiles don't work on water! Unless you've got power!

5 years ago 216,575
[Cute girls handstand fail.] Video Play Video

Cute girls handstand fail.

Apparently she wanted to show off her outfit before work... and for that we're thankful

8 months ago 22,242
[Microsoft Test Fails] Video Play Video

Microsoft Test Fails

Dont you love it when a company like Microsoft spends millions of dollars on a product that doesn't work? Watch as Microsoft introduces it's new voice recognition software.

8 years ago 406,981
[Dog Training Fail] Video Play Video

Dog Training Fail

'Go!' she's great at. 'Stop!' needs a little work.

4 years ago 45,276

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[Dad FAIL] Video Play Video


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[Biker FAIL] Video Play Video

Biker FAIL

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