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[Fail List 2009 - Top 10 Break Fails] Video Play Video

Fail List 2009 - Top 10 Break Fails

As thanks for all your hard work in not succeeding, Break put together our top 10 fails of 2009. Enjoy!

7 years ago 264,547
[Failed Motorcycle Hand Stand] Video Play Video

Failed Motorcycle Hand Stand

This guy tries to do a handstand on his motorcycle and guess what? It doesnt work out as he planned, and his bike almost makes a clean getaway!

9 years ago 578,297
[working] Video Play Video


jason-shifflet2 via 360fly: Working

1 year ago 84
[Cute girls handstand fail.] Video Play Video

Cute girls handstand fail.

Apparently she wanted to show off her outfit before work... and for that we're thankful

3 years ago 23,201

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[Failed Robbery] Video Play Video

Failed Robbery

The guy sitting there just seems to say:...

[Fail] Video Play Video


This fail video is a little long, but it...

[Workout Fail] Video Play Video

Workout Fail

Guy slams his head on weights after work...

[Bar Fail] Video Play Video

Bar Fail

Tried to do a little trick...didn't work...