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[Cool Beer Pong Trick Shots] Video Play Video

Cool Beer Pong Trick Shots

These guys studied trick shots, working pong and hard to get beer, and some of their trick shots are pretty damn clever. Trick shots like these probably took a bunch of takes, but trick shots will be mastered one way or the other.

7 years ago 537,571
[Employee of the Month Inside Trailer] Video Play Video

Employee of the Month Inside Trailer

In Employee of the Month Jessica Simpson is attracted to hard working, self motivated, successful guys (much like Britney Spears in real life). The movie opened last weekend and the producers of the show sent over this behind the scenes trailer from...

9 years ago 529,465
[Evil Hamster Attacks Russians] Video Play Video

Evil Hamster Attacks Russians

Russia is training tactical hand-to-hand combat attack rodents? This is an arms race that is going to be hilarious to watch. America is already working on a gerbil that can do a rear naked choke.

5 years ago 515,117
[Colombian Drug Plane Chase] Video Play Video

Colombian Drug Plane Chase

The US military working with Colombian Narco police track and chase a private jet loaded with cocaine over the amazon jungle. The Colombians know that if they reach the boarder in 10 miles they will be untouchable. Seek and Destroy.

9 years ago 465,118
[Best Workout Ever] Video Play Video

Best Workout Ever

This workout is so awesome that after just a few minutes my ab muscles were cramping up cuz I was laughing so hard.

9 years ago 1,877,346
[Urban Ninja Scare Prank] Video Play Video

Urban Ninja Scare Prank

In this brand-new installment of the Urban Ninja series, the Urban Ninja takes his public scares to the next level. No one is safe....

3 years ago 61,074
[The Video Player] Video Play Video

The Video Player

Yo check out Breaks new awesome video player! We worked really hard to give you more controls and functions like the ability to stretch the video (grab the bottom corner) out as big as you want. We think it blows all other players out of the water. ...

9 years ago 400,020
[Pro Tip: Don’t Cover Your Ice Cubes In Molten Copper] Video Play Video

Pro Tip: Don’t Cover Your Ice Cubes In Molten Copper

Copper doesn’t melt until it reaches 1,085 degrees Celsius or 1983 Fahrenheit which is insanely hot. So if you’re holding something that hot and dumping it on an ice cube, you’re going to want to wear some more safety gear beyond work gloves and sho...

4 months ago 53,494
[Twins Prank Had NYC Subway Riders Believing Time Travel Is Real] Video Play Video

Twins Prank Had NYC Subway Riders Believing Time Travel Is Real

This was a complicated prank that worked out perfectly. If you lost count, there were 4 sets of identical twins on the subway car in NYC. I can't blame anyone for falling for the prank. Heck, this is probably how time travel could one day be discover...

4 months ago 49,413
[Master The Beer And You Master Yourself] Video Play Video

Master The Beer And You Master Yourself

Spilling beers is such a big problem in life an Australia company even set to work on designing a completely unspillable beer. Sounds like black magic but hey, what’s the worst that could happen?

4 months ago 24,297

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[Bus pop] Video Play Video

Bus pop

Scaring my dad at work, 31DOS

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