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[Kitten Rescued From Pipe] Video Play Video

Kitten Rescued From Pipe

A kitten is trapped inside a pipe and a trio of firemen work together to get her out. "You got me out of the pipe just to seal me in a box? FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU-"

5 years ago 124,808
[Karate Master Displays Skills] Video Play Video

Karate Master Displays Skills

It takes years of grueling hard work and mental preparation to become a skilled karate master who can break through brick wit ha bare fist. This guy needs to wait longer.

8 years ago 135,912
[Eel Bites Off Diver's Thumb] Video Play Video

Eel Bites Off Diver's Thumb

A scuba diver is feeding Giant Mora Eels when one of them mistakes his thumb for a sausage and bites it clear off. Later he had an operation to graft one of his toes onto his hand. Looks weird, but works!

8 years ago 128,981
[Crazy Biker Failed Stunt] Video Play Video

Crazy Biker Failed Stunt

A CCTV camera catches a biker pulling off a couple stunts in a parking lot, looks like his technique needs a little work on that last one.

5 years ago 96,139
[Gymnast Loses Pants Mid-Air] Video Play Video

Gymnast Loses Pants Mid-Air

After months of practice today is the day you present the results of all your hard work to your friends, family , grand parents, fiancee and future in laws. Hopefully now they will take your passion for gymnastics seriously.

9 years ago 119,438
[Operator Drops Crane On Construction Site] Video Play Video

Operator Drops Crane On Construction Site

While moving a crane 20 feet above a work site one of the straps snap and cause the operator to drop an 18 ton crane on the building below.

5 years ago 96,617
[Water Rocket To The Face] Video Play Video

Water Rocket To The Face

If he'd taken a rocket to the face in the name of science, this would've been a heroic win. Unfortunately, we already know how rockets work, so... fail.

5 years ago 96,073
[Dog Steals Cell Phone] Video Play Video

Dog Steals Cell Phone

This guy sets up his cell phone to see whether his brake lights are working. As soon as he gets in the car, his dog grabs the cell phone and takes off (does that count toward roaming charges?).

4 years ago 91,610
['Night Of The Living Dead' Reanimated!] Video Play Video

'Night Of The Living Dead' Reanimated!

With work ranging from oil paintings to comic illustrations and sock puppets to CGI and stop-motion, NOTLD:R not only pays the respect due to this most important work in horror history but encourages viewers to experience the film in a brand new ligh...

6 years ago 1,597

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