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[Miami Heat Pep Rally Speech] Video Play Video

Miami Heat Pep Rally Speech

Seriously though... is this a Pep rally speech or a WWE audition? Because honestly, either one works. This guy's name is Pita and he's from something called Los Primeros. Pita has some serious energy.

5 years ago 1,427
[Police Dog Steals Soccer Ball During Game] Video Play Video

Police Dog Steals Soccer Ball During Game

Good for him. These police dogs are not allowed to have fun. This guy gets so worked up about seeing a little white ball roll around that he can't control himself. Dogs should play every once in a while.

6 years ago 2,680
[Mafia 2 Made Man E3 Trailer] Video Play Video

Mafia 2 Made Man E3 Trailer

With this trailer, you get the familiar 2K cinematic narrative feel, which puts you in a GTA mood, but they work the period well enough to make this game seem like it stands apart from GTA.

6 years ago 3,296
[High Five #127 - Can Eaters Anonymous] Video Play Video

High Five #127 - Can Eaters Anonymous

This week's the real human can opener goes to work, a mountain golfer gets a birdie with a high altitude fail, and some camera tricks show life in reverse.

7 years ago 5,455
[Crank: High Voltage Trailer 2] Video Play Video

Crank: High Voltage Trailer 2

Chev Chelios faces a Chinese mobster who has stolen his nearly indestructible heart and replaced it with a battery-powered ticker that requires regular jolts of electricity to keep working.

7 years ago 5,743
[Creation Theatrical Trailer] Video Play Video

Creation Theatrical Trailer

English naturalist Charles Darwin struggles to find a balance between his revolutionary theories on evolution and the relationship with religious wife, whose faith contradicts his work.

7 years ago 4,984
[Herding Cats] Video Play Video

Herding Cats

One of America's oldest professions is herding cats. These brave cowboys risk their lives making sure these cats make it to their destination safely. Let us thank them for all their hard work. It's a jungle out there.

8 years ago 11,650
[Fantastic Mr. Fox Trailer 1] Video Play Video

Fantastic Mr. Fox Trailer 1

Wes Anderson moves from quirky comedies to quirky family animation in this take on Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox. A familiar and insanely talented cast take on the voice work.

7 years ago 4,182
[Roommate Wars - His Reaction] Video Play Video

Roommate Wars - His Reaction

Ok so after flying across country for 8 hours and going straight to work for another 6 hours.. My room mate is ready to pass out.. but before he does we got a surprise for him... This is his reaction...

8 years ago 2,865
[State of Play Trailer 2] Video Play Video

State of Play Trailer 2

Based on the BBC mini-series of the same title, a team of investigative reporters work alongside a police detective to try to solve the murder of a congressman's mistress.

8 years ago 4,086

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