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[In Simple Terms This Is How Encryption Works] Video Play Video

In Simple Terms This Is How Encryption Works

Of course, if you work at a place like the NSA for instance, you can still intercept these kinds of messages and use your giant keyring to open the box and get all the data you want and then never tell the people about it until some whistleblower poi...

11 months ago 39,173
[The Bizarre Way Laser Cooling Works] Video Play Video

The Bizarre Way Laser Cooling Works

Just because lasers usually destroy stuff by burning holes in it doesn't mean lasers can't also destroy stuff by cooling it down to nearly Absolute Zero and basically making it freeze dried chunks of super cold garbage.

9 months ago 19,219
[Here’s Your Basic Explanation Of How Computers Work] Video Play Video

Here’s Your Basic Explanation Of How Computers Work

Honestly, if you don’t know the basics of how a computer works right now, the least you can do for yourself is Google it and read a wiki article or two. Never hurts to know what you’re using.

10 months ago 19,383
[Sometimes Drinking On The Job Works Out] Video Play Video

Sometimes Drinking On The Job Works Out

The Kool Aid Man has been bashing through walls like these fellows since 1954, which means he’s probably had a concussion or two in all that time. He was created to go with Kool Aid’s ultra catchy slogan “a 5 cent package makes two quarts.”

10 months ago 11,781

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