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[Airbus Employees Work Really Fast] Video Play Video

Airbus Employees Work Really Fast

I thought this was a pretty cool video to watch. It shows in an ultra fast speed all the steps involved while building an Airbus A340.

9 years ago 282,925
[Guy Goes Nuts at Work] Video Play Video

Guy Goes Nuts at Work

This seems to be a perfect example of the straw that broke the camel's back.

8 years ago 266,718
[Rough Day At Work] Video Play Video

Rough Day At Work

How about this for a crappy start to a Monday. As this dude sits at his desk a car busts through the building and hits him across the room.

8 years ago 230,012
[Little Boxer Works On His Howl] Video Play Video

Little Boxer Works On His Howl

It’s not so impressive right now, but it’s hard to hit the bass notes when you’re only the size of a potato.

9 months ago 51,621
[Dis Toy Is Not Working] Video Play Video

Dis Toy Is Not Working

A toy is attached to a dog's lead and it is confused why it moves with it

7 months ago 2,424

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