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[Cardboard Prank] Video Play Video

Cardboard Prank

PRANK'D Episode 2 - The Cardboard Officle | In her own words, Sarah said "I can't be pranked." Biggest mistake ever. So this is what happens when you take Friday off. :) Enjoy your weekend, honey!

9 years ago 7,205
[Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane] Video Play Video

Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane

This might be the best office flip out video every captured on film. Some dude goes absolutely insane.

7 years ago 4,751,487
[RC Car Cattle Round-Up] Video Play Video

RC Car Cattle Round-Up

Did you know you could use a radio-controlled car to round up cattle? There goes another American job lost to automation.

4 years ago 168,256
[This would freak me out] Video Play Video

This would freak me out

If I walked into the bathroom and the roof did that, I'd probably pee my pants.

2 years ago 5,490
[Your Boss Loves You Now!] Video Play Video

Your Boss Loves You Now!

Next time you try to get that raise, and its a no, remember this...

4 years ago 7,549
[Best Workout Ever] Video Play Video

Best Workout Ever

This workout is so awesome that after just a few minutes my ab muscles were cramping up cuz I was laughing so hard.

9 years ago 1,876,825
[Government Worker] Video Play Video

Government Worker

How a government worker gets the job done.

9 years ago 438,073

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