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[Woman Fails At Vacuuming] Video Play Video

Woman Fails At Vacuuming

We're not entirely sure how a vacuum works internally. We know there's a motor of some sort. However, we are 100% positive the hose has to be connected for anything to happen. 100%.

1 year ago 53,157
[Woman Learns That Carts Don't Work On Escalators] Video Play Video

Woman Learns That Carts Don't Work On Escalators

In the end, she was able to get up the stairs with her motorized scooter. However, it wasn't without a lot of pain and flipping around. Darwin wins again! ...

1 year ago 107,937
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[Work out Fails] Video Play Video

Work out Fails

Lifting fails. Working out is hard to d...

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Cheering Works

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