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[Wonder Woman - A Life Of Fighting Crime] Video Play Video

Wonder Woman - A Life Of Fighting Crime

I admit I checked out this video this morning cause I thought the girl in it looked pretty hot. Turned out to be a pretty funny spoof on the troubles of being a crime fighter. Let me know what you guys think.

9 years ago 660,764
[How to Smash Watermelons] Video Play Video

How to Smash Watermelons

This woman gives us yet another reason to marvel at the wonder and mystery of woman's two greatest assets. Gallagher's got nothin' on her.

8 years ago 1,821,835
[Woman Flips Car On Gate] Video Play Video

Woman Flips Car On Gate

This is unbelievable, a woman who seems to be struggling to change gears somehow accelerates too fast and ends up crashing into the gate and flipping her car.

10 years ago 3,831,705
[Old Woman Parties During Spring Break] Video Play Video

Old Woman Parties During Spring Break

Why's that old man dancing in front and blocking our view of those hot chicks? Oh wait, that's a woman. Wow.

7 years ago 2,860,275
[Dumb Woman At Gas Station] Video Play Video

Dumb Woman At Gas Station

So this week we saw two examples of why women are bad at parking and now we get to see why women should have their boyfriends pump the gas or go to full service stations.

10 years ago 2,334,511
[Another Horrible Woman Driver] Video Play Video

Another Horrible Woman Driver

Closed circuit television cameras capture video of woman trying to pull out of a parking space and hitting pretty much everything that gets in her way. The first time I watched this I thought someone had edited it to add instant replays, nope she kee...

10 years ago 2,285,382
[Woman Drives Car Into Building Gap] Video Play Video

Woman Drives Car Into Building Gap

The search may finally be over: we may have found the very worst female driver in the world. How she managed to screw up like this remains a mystery.

8 years ago 2,903,442
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