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[Wonder Woman - A Life Of Fighting Crime] Video Play Video

Wonder Woman - A Life Of Fighting Crime

I admit I checked out this video this morning cause I thought the girl in it looked pretty hot. Turned out to be a pretty funny spoof on the troubles of being a crime fighter. Let me know what you guys think.

6 years ago 641,504
[Spanish Girl Stripped and Beat By Cops] Video Play Video

Spanish Girl Stripped and Beat By Cops

A cute young Spanish girl is taken into custody by two female Barcelona police officers who proceed to beat the crap out of her while she is in hand cuffs. Note to self, get arrested in Barcelona.

6 years ago 2,990,072
[Woman Loses Her Mind at the Airport] Video Play Video

Woman Loses Her Mind at the Airport

A woman misses her flight at the Hong Kong airport and proceeds to throw the tantrum of a lifetime in the terminal. She must really like those little airline peanuts.

5 years ago 639,848
[Old Woman Golf Cart Failure] Video Play Video

Old Woman Golf Cart Failure

A mother-in-law has big problems learning to drive. In Soviet Russia, golf cart drives you!

5 years ago 472,516
[Dumb Woman Cop Busted] Video Play Video

Dumb Woman Cop Busted

Some guy calling himself Jimmy Justice catches a woman cop parked in front of a hydrant and is pretty relentless with her. What a dumb cop she is!

5 years ago 610,313
[Saudi Woman Vs Treadmill] Video Play Video

Saudi Woman Vs Treadmill

Maybe getting on the treadmill in a full burqa wasn't such a good idea.

5 years ago 443,842
[Woman Flips Car On Gate] Video Play Video

Woman Flips Car On Gate

This is unbelievable, a woman who seems to be struggling to change gears somehow accelerates too fast and ends up crashing into the gate and flipping her car.

7 years ago 3,813,994
[Crazy Woman On Hannity & Colmes] Video Play Video

Crazy Woman On Hannity & Colmes

Crazy woman from recent episode of Hannity & Colmes. Its hard to argue with someone who isnt dealing with a full deck of cards but I think Hannity does a pretty good job bashing her.

7 years ago 350,112
[Woman Can't Even Back Into Space] Video Play Video

Woman Can't Even Back Into Space

The inability to even back up into a space is pretty terrible for anyone. A guy eventually gets out and helps her park.

5 years ago 987,803
[Woman Pets The Tortoise] Video Play Video

Woman Pets The Tortoise

Whoa, slow down there, lady! Tortoises like to take it slow.

2 years ago 137,870
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