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[Whiny Bioshock: Infinite Trailer] Video Play Video

Whiny Bioshock: Infinite Trailer

As excited as I am for Bioshock: Infinite, these sappy trailers are really starting to bug me. Let's hope it's not nearly as whiny as this trailer is

3 years ago 1,718
[Strongest Kid You've Ever Seen] Video Play Video

Strongest Kid You've Ever Seen

His parents are pretty sure he's going to grow up to be either a superhero or a male stripper.

5 years ago 3,373,062
[Little Kid Taken Down] Video Play Video

Little Kid Taken Down

Little kid jumps from the top of the garbage can onto his buddy. The second go round he gets a little surprise.

7 years ago 655,730
[Kid Tells His Mother Something Emotional] Video Play Video

Kid Tells His Mother Something Emotional

It takes a lot of courage to be honest with your family, especially your mother. This kid's bravery is something to admire.

2 years ago 206,290
[Tigger Knocks Out Kid] Video Play Video

Tigger Knocks Out Kid

Before I watched this I figured the kid somehow provoked that punch from Tigger. But I got to admit I cant figure out why the heck Tigger decide to whack this dude.

8 years ago 2,400,783
[Chubby Kid Bodyslams Bully] Video Play Video

Chubby Kid Bodyslams Bully

After years of being bullied, this kid finally strikes back at his tormentor.

3 years ago 1,973,355
[Short Fight Fat Kid Knockout] Video Play Video

Short Fight Fat Kid Knockout

Not one of the most brutal fights ever, but hilarious nonetheless. Fat kid fights Asian kid and gets knocked out. Bigger they are the harder they fall.

7 years ago 2,686,294
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[Saw Kid] Video Play Video

Saw Kid

Kid did not know webcam was recording wh...