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[Whiny Bioshock: Infinite Trailer] Video Play Video

Whiny Bioshock: Infinite Trailer

As excited as I am for Bioshock: Infinite, these sappy trailers are really starting to bug me. Let's hope it's not nearly as whiny as this trailer is

5 years ago 1,831
[Little Kid Taken Down] Video Play Video

Little Kid Taken Down

Little kid jumps from the top of the garbage can onto his buddy. The second go round he gets a little surprise.

9 years ago 656,779
[Strongest Kid You've Ever Seen] Video Play Video

Strongest Kid You've Ever Seen

His parents are pretty sure he's going to grow up to be either a superhero or a male stripper.

7 years ago 3,387,827
[Why We Chose Yale] Video Play Video

Why We Chose Yale

The song does have another verse about whiny, entitled students.

1 year ago 10,742
[Tigger Knocks Out Kid] Video Play Video

Tigger Knocks Out Kid

Before I watched this I figured the kid somehow provoked that punch from Tigger. But I got to admit I cant figure out why the heck Tigger decide to whack this dude.

10 years ago 2,401,971
[Chubby Kid Bodyslams Bully] Video Play Video

Chubby Kid Bodyslams Bully

After years of being bullied, this kid finally strikes back at his tormentor.

6 years ago 2,017,016
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[tube tuble] Video Play Video

tube tuble

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