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[Whiny Bioshock: Infinite Trailer] Video Play Video

Whiny Bioshock: Infinite Trailer

As excited as I am for Bioshock: Infinite, these sappy trailers are really starting to bug me. Let's hope it's not nearly as whiny as this trailer is

5 years ago 1,833
[Kid Almost Falls Out of Amusement Park Ride] Video Play Video

Kid Almost Falls Out of Amusement Park Ride

Watch this kid nearly fall 100s of feet our of his seat at an amusement park. His Mom hardly seemed to notice as the boy screamed for his life.

10 years ago 2,445,505
[Bad Babysitter Scares Kid] Video Play Video

Bad Babysitter Scares Kid

This really mean babysitter scares the crap out of some kid by screaming THE MONSTER!!!!!!!!!! This kid freaks out! Hilarious!

10 years ago 985,775
[Alien Scare Screaming Girl] Video Play Video

Alien Scare Screaming Girl

In order to frighten his sister this guy puts a very creepy child's mannequin next to her bed in the dark and tapes her reaction. He was expecting her to be scared, but not that scared. She goes completely hysterical!

10 years ago 2,195,814
[Kicking and Screaming] Video Play Video

Kicking and Screaming

One woman's fight for her right to drink and drive.

8 years ago 113,746
[The Screaming Pastor] Video Play Video

The Screaming Pastor

This pastor wants God to hear him, so he makes sure to scream his name in the highest pitch he can. Meanwhile, God is really wanting him to tone it down.

4 years ago 32,293
[Screaming Prank] Video Play Video

Screaming Prank

Best way to clear a headache is have your friends scream in your face

6 years ago 28,889
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