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[Stunt Kid Knows How To Take A Punch] Video Play Video

Stunt Kid Knows How To Take A Punch

If someone were to call Social Services on this dad, they would probably come over and pat him on the back for having such an awesome kid. He's better than most Hollywood actors. The kid can ...

1 year ago 47,602
[Kid Only Lasts One Punch] Video Play Video

Kid Only Lasts One Punch

These guys decide to exchange punches but after the first swing its game over for one of them.

5 years ago 492,608
[Bully Gets One Punched] Video Play Video

Bully Gets One Punched

A school bully picks on a kid about half his size during recess. The bully pushes the kid up against the school wall and the little guy throws a mean hook knocking the bully unconscious.

6 years ago 672,832
[Skater Punched By Kid's Mom] Video Play Video

Skater Punched By Kid's Mom

SInce this wasn't a skate park it's tough not to side with Mom's right hook, but the dude did seem concerned and apologetic. What do you guys think?

8 months ago 126,886
[Hilarious Punching Failure at Party] Video Play Video

Hilarious Punching Failure at Party

Here's a great party fail. After a few too many cups of punch, this kid shows off his horrible hand-eye coordination by missing his buddy's shoulder completely.

5 years ago 1,658,959
[KO by Super Quick Sucker Punch] Video Play Video

KO by Super Quick Sucker Punch

One kid pays for waking up a napping classmate. The cranky dude gets up and decides to put the bully to sleep for a bit.

5 years ago 909,811
[Shirtless Loser Receives One-Punch KO] Video Play Video

Shirtless Loser Receives One-Punch KO

Why does it always seem that the loud mouth who starts these fight is the one who ends up unconscious on the ground? Here's another great example.

5 years ago 1,710,312
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