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[Kid Faceplants Into Wall] Video Play Video

Kid Faceplants Into Wall

Some kid tries to bounce off his bed onto one of those fitness balls and ends up sailing straight into the wall face first.

10 years ago 1,097,410
[BMX Kid Faceplants Hard on Board] Video Play Video

BMX Kid Faceplants Hard on Board

A ramp finally gets some revenge for being run over so many times when this biker goes over his handlebars and lands on his head.

8 years ago 1,678,507
[Kid Faceplants Off Roof] Video Play Video

Kid Faceplants Off Roof

Not sure what the heck this dude was thinking but he attempts to swing off the gutter of a roof and ends up bouncing face first off the cement below.

10 years ago 768,579
[Kid Faceplants Off Loading Dock] Video Play Video

Kid Faceplants Off Loading Dock

This kid hits hard after trying to jump his bike off a loading dock. His front wheel immediately falls of the dock and ends up whiplashing his face onto the concrete floor.

10 years ago 690,338
[Little Kid Concrete Faceplant] Video Play Video

Little Kid Concrete Faceplant

This little kid thought he could jump off the railing and grab the swing from the roof of the second floor. Instead he faceplants hard onto the cold concrete and starts to cry.

9 years ago 384,287
[Ginger Kid Halfpipe Faceplant] Video Play Video

Ginger Kid Halfpipe Faceplant

Some little ginger kid goes down the skateramp on his bike. It does not go well. Im surprised he didnt leave a red streak mark.

9 years ago 342,704
[Bully Causes Kid To Faceplant] Video Play Video

Bully Causes Kid To Faceplant

A schoolyard bully runs up behind this kid and causes him to faceplant off his bike.

6 years ago 269,266
[Kid Faceplants Hard After Jump] Video Play Video

Kid Faceplants Hard After Jump

Some kid lands his jump on a skid loader and ends up flying off his handle bars for a perfect faceplant.

9 years ago 205,128
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